Richard Karlquist



Currently employed by Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, in the Measurement Research Laboratory
Agilent is the composed of the former Hewlett-Packard Test and Measurement, Chemical and Life Sciences divisions.
For previous employment see resume.

Professional Publications:

      A New RF Architecture For Cesium Frequency Standards
      A Narrow-Band High Resolution Synthesizer Using a Direct Digital Synthesizer Followed By Repeated Mixing and Dividing
      A 3 to 30 MHz High Resolution Synthesizer Consisting Of a DDS, Divide-and-Mix Modules and a M/N synthesizer
      A New Type Of Balanced Bridge Controlled Oscillator
      The Theory Of Zero Gradient Crystal Ovens
      A Low-Profile High-Performance Crystal Oscillator For Timekeeping Applications


Rick holds 13 US patents. Many are cross filed in foreign countries.

US4,785,415: Digital Data Buffer and Variable Shift Register
US5,148,122: Atomic Beam Frequency Standard Having RF Chain With Higher Frequency Oscillator
US5,708,394: Bridge-Stabilized Oscillator Circuit and Method
US5,729,181: High Thermal Gain Oven With Reduced Probability Of Temperature Gradient Formation For the Operation Of a Thermally Stable Oscillator
US6,651,488: Systems and Methods of Monitoring Thin Film Deposition
US6,668,618: Systems and Methods of Monitoring Thin Film Deposition (separate patent, same title as above)
US6,686,777: Phase Detector Having Improved Timing Margins
US6,765,435: Phase locked loop demodulator and demodulation method using feed-forward tracking error compensation
US6,765,519: System And Method For Designing And Using Analog Circuits Operating In The Modulation Domain
US6,781,534: System and Method For Divisor Threshold Control in a Modulation Domain Divider
US6,823,466: Circuit and Method For Adjusting the Clock Skew in a Communications System.
US6,831,491: Systems And Method For Correcting Phase Locked Loop Tracking Error Using Feed-Forward Phase Modulation.
US6,865,345: Frequency Translating Devices and Frequency Translating Measurement Systems That Utilize Light Activated Resistors.

Patents pending: (after 18 months, the USPTO publishes patent applications)

US20030045261: Frequency Translating Devices and Frequency Translating Measurement Systems with DC Bias Added to a Mixer Diode.
US20030063626: Method and Apparatus For Synchronizing a Multiple-Stage Multiplexer.
US20030202543: Aggegate Processing of Information During Network Transmission.
US20030203722: Method of Reducing Power Consumption in a Radio Receiver.
US20030210108: Lumped Element Transmission Line Frequency Multiplexer.
US20040120441: Systems And Methods For Correcting Gain Error Due To Transition Density Variation In Clock Recovery Systems.
US20040202267: System And Methods of Recovering a Clock From NRZ Data.
US20040202481: System And Methods For Recovering a Clock From Optical Data.
US20040203435: Mapping and Discovering Peer-to-Peer Wireless Networks.

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Genealogy of "Karlquist" family

The name "Karlquist" is not very common.
From time to time, I receive inquiries from others with the same name wondering if we are related.
The suffix "quist" means "branch" or "twig" in Swedish.
Unlike "Karlquist", most names ending in "quist" start with the name of a tree
E.g., "Alderquist" (Alder), "Lindquist" (Linden)
I have listed some genealogical info in case you are named Karlquist and are curious.
I know I have some distant cousins in Sweden who go by the name "Carlqvist."

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